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We think it’s always nice to put a face to the name and know a little bit about who you are working with, so come and meet the difference makers...

Helen Nuki

favourite monkey

Orangutan (Although not strictly a monkey, I fell in love with them after spending time in an Orangutan rehabilitation reserve in Indonesia).


Helen sees research from all angles having worked client side (IDV/Diageo), advertising agency (Ogilvy) and research agency (Hall & Partners).

Her mission is to dig out the hidden nuggets that help clients see their brand and category in a new light and unlock behaviour.


She is a full member of the MRS & a member of the ICG.

Helen Law

favourite monkey

Capuchin (Clever little things with many human behaviours).


Helen is a researcher with over 20 years experience working across client-side (TUI, DMGT), advertising (AMV.BBDO, Bates) and research (Hall & Partners, MESH). She loves unpicking why people behave and think as they do and using creative combinations of techniques to unearth new insights.


She is a full member of the MRS & a member of the AQR.

Alexa Arrowsmith

favourite monkey

Tamarin (they manage to look wise and mysterious at the same time).


Alexa learned all the research basics at Research International  before going onto Hall and Partners where she was Partner and Head of the Quantitative Division. She loves meeting different kinds of people, understanding a slice of their lives and what motivates them to behave as they do.


She is a regular trainer for the MRS on brands, advertising research and Behavioural Economics.

Steve Smith

favourite monkey

Langur monkeys of Jodhpur (because of their crazy death defying urban acrobatic skills).


Steve has 15 years’ experience working across many categories from media and technology to retail, finance and FMCG. He combines new and traditional ways of thinking and doing research, and is interested in what sociology and anthropology can bring to behavioural economics.


When Steve isn’t working, he’s probably painting.