Will the new Marmite Campaign create a behavioural response?

07 Aug
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A once humble jar of Marmite

A once humble jar of Marmite

Watch the new Marmite advert 2013 here

Posted by Helen Law, Partner, Monkey See Research

Despite creating a hatful of complaints (278 at the time of writing), I believe the new Marmite ‘Love it. Hate it. Just Don’t Forget It’ campaign is going to be very successful at triggering usage, if allowed to continue by the ASA.

So, how will it trigger a behaviour change?

First, the analogy with neglected pets, is clearly creating an emotional response, (disgust and outrage for some, interest and surprise for others).

This is important, as neuroscience has shown that one of the best ways to reach the unconscious parts of our brains is to embed the message in devices that evoke an emotional response.

Being back on TV, still our most dominant media, in combination with this emotional response will get the brand talked about so amplifying media spend and playing to the availability bias – so important when choosing a brand.

The campaign also plays with the ‘love it, hate it’ associations people already have with Marmite.  This makes the ad relatively easy for the brain to process and provides a link with past, hopefully positive, experiences of Marmite thereby generating desire.

Finally, I applaud the way the ad directly confronts Marmite’s core behavioural challenge – ‘using‘ – something not many ads do so explicitly.

This ad should act as an effective reminder and get lapsed users reaching for the Marmite jar again.